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Rozřazovací test - Anglický jazyk

1. Which word is not about family?

2. Which word is not a language?

3. Do you sell toothpaste?

4. Excuse me, are you Mr Rogers?

5. What’s the time?

6. Would you like a drink?

7. ______ it raining in Amsterdam today?

8. You _______ clean your car.

9. I went home ______ my new baby.

10. This is _____ picture of my friend.

11. You walk into a shop. What does the shop assistant say to you?

12. Hello, I’d like to __________ an appointment to see Dr Lee, please.

13. Which verb is the opposite of sell?

14. Which word means very good?

15. When we visited Japan, we had a delicious dish called teriyaki which was very __________.

16. Can you turn that _____________ off, please? It’s blowing all my papers off my desk.

17. __________! There’s something in the middle of the road.

18. The President ____________________ for nearly an hour.

19. I _______________ TV at home, when someone _________________ to the door.

20. I don’t have __________ money to go on holiday this year so I’ll have to stay at home.

21. ‘Have you got any plans for the weekend?’ ‘Yes, we ___________ my aunt and uncle.’

22. Do you mind if I open the window?

23. Which is __________ from London – Heathrow or Stansted?

24. I ____________ to take my dog for a walk every evening.

25. ‘Where do you live?’ she asked the boy. = She asked the boy _____________.

26. If he _____________ studying soon, he _____________ his exams in June.

27. We’re planning to go on ______________ round the Mediterranean next year.

28. Be careful not to __________ yourself when you use the iron.

29. Your letter begins ‘Dear Sir’, what do you write above your signature?

30. Your restaurant bill says ‘service not included’. What should you do?

31. It hasn’t rained for two months. ____________ the ground is very dry.

32. If you __________ anyone in the picture, please tell us.

33. To do this job well, you need very good people ___________.

34. You’re not allowed to do it

35. Hi Julie and Max, just a quick _________ to say thank you for having us to stay at the weekend.

36. Which pairs of sentences have the same meaning?

Pizza has a long history. The ancient Greeks first had the idea of putting vegetables on large flat pieces of bread, and ‘pizza ovens’ have been found in the ruins of Roman cities. But for centuries one vital ingredient was missing - the first tomatoes were not brought to Europe until the sixteenth century, from South America. It was the nineteenth century before Rafaele Esposito, a baker from Naples, began to sell the first modern pizzas. He was asked to bake a special pizza for a visit by the Italian King and Queen in 1889, and so the first pizza Margarita was created, named after the Queen.

Pizza became a favourite dish in Italy, but it was after the Second World War, when thousands of American soldiers went home from Europe, that pizza really became an international dish. Soon there were pizzerias all over the USA, and American chains like Pizza Hut spread the idea around the world. Today the average American eats over ten kilogrammes of pizza a year, and the world's largest pizza (measuring thirty metres across) was baked not in Italy, but in Havana, Cuba!

37. What is the text about?

38. The first pizza was named after

39. When did pizza become an international dish?


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