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Teaching job offer

We are a language school with operations throughout the country.

We seek English-speaking foreigners interested in giving conversation classes to our Czech clients.

We provide full methodology support (show you how to teach). We can arrange classes to ideally suit your timetable so that such an engagement does not interfere with your other obligations. Alternatively, we offer full-time jobs.

Many foreigners living in this country have found this a unique way to enhance their cultural experience, meet new friends and earn extra money whilst having fun!

Current vacancies

Lektoři AJ, NJ


Hledáme zaměstnance pro výuku ve firemních kurzech. Nabízíme zázemí prestižní jazykové školy, metodické školení, materiální podporu, práce v místě bydliště nebo blízkém okolí, dále pružnou pracovní dobu, plný nebo část. úvazek, možnost okamžitého nástupu.

English teacher


English teacher, native or non-native.


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By sending your resume, you are willingly sharing your personal data with us and therefore you agree with their processing and storing in personal evidence of our organisation until you will revoke your consent. You also confirm, that information, you provided and filled in resume, are correct and accurate.

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